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Do you need the manager toolbox and maybe also comfort in the role as manager?

Leadership is a craft, which can be learned.

Leadership is also a discipline, which requires for you to know your leadership purpose, that you take time to lead, that you can set clear goals for yourself and your employees and have the courage to give feedback, and that you communicate clearly.

The How2Lead-course provides you with both the leadership tools and the training within their application, so you become familiar with these. This gives you the optimum basis for a good career as a manager.

Who is the course relevant to?
How2Lead is relevant for you, who need training within the basic leadership tools – regardless of whether you are a new manager / project manager, or you have a limited or lengthy experience as a manager. The course is also relevant to you, who is about to be promoted to a job as manager or project manager.

What will be your yield?
Following How2Lead you will:
• Have insight to your strengths and weaknesses as a manager
• Be able to set clear goals for yourself and others
• Be able to communicate goals and expectations and give a clear feedback
• Have an extensive leadership toolbox

• Assertive behaviour and communication
• Self- and people knowledge from personal profile
• Situational leadership
• Conflict handling
• The difficult conversation
• Coaching as a leadership tool
• Teams and team development
• Change management

How is the course conducted?
How2Lead is structured with short theoretical introductions, group discussions and reflections combined with lots of practical training within the leadership tools and in leadership situations. The training is followed by a direct and personal feedback to you.

The shift between training and the direct, personal feedback applies to the entire course. In the feedback, we say, what we mean, and we mean, what we say – respectfully, of course. We describe exactly the behavior, which we saw from you during the training, so you get a clear picture of, how you affect others with your leadership behaviour, and you also get our advice on, how you can strengthen your personal leadership.

Contrary to many other leadership courses, there is 1 trainer per 6 participants at How2Lead. This is to give you as much training as possible, direct personal feedback and thus an optimum yield.

Course duration
How2Lead is a 3 days’ residential course, where you stay overnight at the course venue.

Following the course days, we offer you two phone calls with a trainer. The purpose of these are for you to receive coaching on your learnings from applying the leadership tools from the course to the daily worklife and other leadership related issues.

In total, How2Lead is thus a programme of 3 months’ duration.

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