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International collaboration to Power2Influence®

Since 1976 we have had the exclusive rights to offer the Power2Influence-course in Denmark – at this more than 40.000 managers and employees have increased their positive, personal power.

Worldwide Power2Influence (PPIP® – Positive Power and Influence Programme) have presently been translated into 15 languages and is offered in more than 40 different countries.

We participate actively within both the European and the global network of companies offering Power2Influence. All of these companies are independent consultancies certified within The Influence Model.

The European Influence Group (EIG)
Learn2Lead is the co-founder of EIG together with our Swedish, Dutch and British business partners. The EIG was established due to the fact that influence to a greater extent takes place across borders.

The purpose of the EIG is both to develop shared tools adjusted to the European market. One example is the hub, which Power2Influence/PPIP gives access to. This is a digital learning environment, which holds all of the course tools in terms of the 360 degrees analysis, apps, video clips etc.

EIG was also established to align our specific programmes to Power2Influence, so international companies are ensured that employees from different locations participating at Power2Influence locally, undergo the same schedule with a shared framework regarding influence.

Futhermore, the EIG of course also provides a number of synergies in terms of a close collaboration on task completion for international companies, who want Power2Influence/PPIP as an in company-course held for their employees only. Their advantage is that multiple European languages can be represented within the trainer staff.

The global network to Power2Influence/PPIP
The collaboration within the global network is much alike that to EIG – we inspire each other and share input and thus also from Harvard University, who our American business partner works closely together with on the further development of The Influence Model.