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Master In Influence®

Master In Influence refreshes and elaborates further on, what you learned at Power2Influence, so you become even better at applying your most important tool, when you want to get your things through: Your power!

Who is the course relevant to?
Master In Influence is relevant for you, who have already participated at Power2Influence, and who want to increase even further your positive, personal power.

What will be your yield?
Following Master In Influence you will have:
• Sharpened your influence styles and expanded your influence skills
• Identified and worked on any mental beliefs and inappropriate behavioural patterns, which decrease the power to your communication and thus your influence
• Increased your positive, personal power, so that you with greater confidence can handle even more – and also critical – influence situations from your daily worklife in a way, where you achieve your goals, while maintaining respectful relations to those, whom you influence in the process

How is Master In Influence conducted?
Prior to the course you will be contacted by the trainer to discuss your goal for Master In Influence. You will also take stock of your progress since Power2Influence using a new 360 degrees analysis. This effect measurement thus provides insight into the change in your influence behavior since Power2Influence, which is knowledge we will also use in the last planning of the course in order for it to meet your exact needs the best.

Once again there will be lots of training followed by a direct and personal feedback to you at the course days to Master In Influence. Most exercises are based on situations from your daily worklife, which makes the training as realistic as possible.

Of course, the trainer is still frank in the feedback to you and will point out both your strengths and your development potential. Once more you will thus be confronted with your behaviour – just like you know and already appreciate it!

At the course, time has also been allocated for you to reflect on your influence behaviour. In combination with the training and the coaching by the trainer to your development areas, your yield of Master In Influence therefore also is that you become fully flexible in your influence behaviour and can achieve your goals in situations, which you find difficult at present.

The course is conducted with a maximum of 6 participants – i.e. focus will be on you.

Course duration
Master In Influence is a non-residential course of 3 days’ duration – each course day is from 9 a.m. till 6. p.m.

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