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Do you lack the power to get your opinions and ideas across?

At the course Power2Influence and with The Influence Model you enhance your positive, personal power. You are thus enabled to get your things across and be influential and achieve your goals, while maintaining respectful relations to those, whom you influence in the process.

You may call it ”power”, ”influence” or ”impact”. You achieve it all at Power2Influence – a fact which is known to the more than 40.000 people, who have already participated at the course in Denmark.

What will be your yield of the course?
Following Power2Influence and with The Influence Model you:
• Are able to set specific goals for what you want to achieve in a given situation
• Are able to communicate your goals both in short and precisely
• Can make yourself heard when you seek influence
• Have the flexibility to vary the behaviour, with which you seek influence, when this is needed in order for you to achieve your goals – and also to handle any resistance
• Are more effective, when you seek influence and can get your point across faster
• Can take advantage of your increased positive, personal power to create even better results

Who is the course relevant to?
Power2Influence is relevant for anyone, as the ability to influence others is necessary in order for you to achieve your goals, regardless of which position you hold in your company – i.e. you might for instance hold a position as manager, employee, project manager, graduate etc. Thus, there will always be someone, whom you need to influence, whether your goal is to have support for an idea, get your opinions across, have proposals approved, extra resources added, tasks performed etc.

How is the course conducted?
Power2Influence implies lots of practical training to you in exercises followed by a direct and personal feedback. In other words, you are at the center of attention most of the time – also because there are only 6 participants per trainer.

The trainers possess a keen respect for you, and we are direct and speak our mind in the feedback to you. You will never have doubts about your strengths and development potential. Some might find that it sounds harsh to be confronted with their behavior – however, when asked our participants confirm that they appreciate both our frankness and honesty.

Course duration
The Power2Influence-course is offered in two versions:

A residential course of 3 days’ duration, where you stay overnight at the venue and can focus fully on the course.

A non-residential course of 4 days’ duration, where each course day is from 9-17, and where you thus also have time for family etc.

Altogether, Power2Influence is a training programme of 6 months’ duration. During this time period you are a part of an organized flow, where we continuously remind you to apply the course tools and make it a habit to set goals and plan your behaviour, whenever you want influence.

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