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Course in personal impact

Influence is a matter of behavior. We exert all influence. From the very first day. But why can you influence some situations, while in others you do not reach your goals and have the feeling that you have not had enough power?

Nowadays, your success is not just a question of your hierarchical position in your organization or in your network (Influence Version 1.0) or your professional knowledge and experience (Influence Version 2.0). Influential people have passion, personal impetus, are able to build good relationships, collaborate and involve others (influence version 3.0).

We each have our own unique style when we exercise influence. Somebody “fills up” – others give (too) much room for others. Someone is direct and cash, demands and has sharp opinions and arguments. Others are more listening and asking. However, what works in a situation does not necessarily produce results in other contexts. And everyone can develop their skills to exert influence and gain more personal power. All it takes is the right tools and training in using them in situ. You’ll get it with Power2Influence.

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