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How can we help you – Program Types

We work within three different program types:

Open enrollment programmes – where you as an individual can work on your personal leadership at the following courses: Power2Influence, Master In Influence and How2Lead.

In company-programmes – these are held internally and for participants from your organization only. These may consist of one course or multiple modules.

An in company-programme can either be based on our open enrollment programme, from where we adjust and hold a course/courses for a specific target group within your organization.

Or we can customise a solution with a course/course flow based on handpicked tools depending on, what is the need of the target group.

Prior to an in company-programme we always have solid conversations with you and perform a thorough analysis to ensure, that we are aligned on the goal and success criteria of the programme, and that we understand your company culture. Subsequently, we elaborate and forward our proposal on, how the in company-programme can be structured and performed, following which the programme is planned in detail together with you.

Individual sparring / counselling / coaching – to us these are three words for the same flow, because we use our experience to offer what we find necessary for you to achieve your goal and improve your personal leadership as desired.