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Target groups

Today you are no longer guaranteed success just by your hierarchical position, and you have probably also learned, that just because you hold a formal title, you do not automatically get things the way you want them with your employees. Furthermore, you probably also find yourself in situations, where you are to influence other people than your employees.

Power2Influence can with its tools and training supplement your formal status, so you work up a positive, personal power applicable to become influential in all relations.

As an employee you probably daily find yourself in many situations, where you would like to be heard and have approval to your messages, opinions, suggestions, ideas etc. You can achieve this with Power2Influence due to its training within tools increasing your positive, personal power. With Power2Influence you can thus become influential in any relation, you need such as for instance towards colleagues, team-/project members, your project manager, your manager etc.

Project manager
As a project manager you do not share the privilege to pull the ”manager card” towards your project members, when you want to influence them in a certain direction. And you are most likely also part of relations, where you need to influence other people than your project members – this could for instance be steering committees, project owners, stakeholders, colleagues etc. In these relations your formal status is probably not relevant nor to your advantage.

Power2Influence will give you the tools and training, which increase your positive, personal power enabling you to be influential in all contexts and relations.

As a graduate/trainee you are expected to use your professional competencies to develop further the company, you are employed in. Among other things, this requires you to cut through habits, which can be a challenge.

Power2Influence gives you the tools and training, with which you can ensure both support to your new procedures, methods, solutions etc., while showing respect for the existing and those, whom you must influence to achieve your goal.