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Who is Learn2Lead®?

Learn2Lead is Denmark’s oldest training company within leadership development.

We were established in 1942 as AKTI (Akademiet for Kommunikation Talerteknisk Institut), and following a branding process in 2002 we changed our name to Learn2Lead. We wanted to show more clearly, what our clients gain by working with us.

The personal leadership
Leadership is not for managers and leaders only. In no way. Leadership is a responsibility, you take on, whether your business card says manager or not. Learning to lead actually means learning how to perform this responsibility. Towards a group of employees, your colleagues, yourself, a project or a given task.

This is why we work with the personal leadership, and how you can use your behaviour to create results and achieve goals – regardless if you are an employee, a manager, a project manager etc. In other words: To us personal leadership is a craftmanship, which can be learned. All it takes is the right tools and of course training and feedback.

Training, training, training
Training within behaviour is thus also the pedagogical principle to all our courses. Because we have a very firm belief in what gives results, when it comes to strengthening the personal leadership: Lots of training. Lots of honest feedback. This provides learning transformable into action.

Optimum yield and effect of the training is ensured by allowing only 6 participants per trainer at the courses.